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“Hire a professional musician from the other side of the globe for your new music production.”

Short intro:

Wouldn’t it be great to find professional musicians, producers or engineers for your recording-project on one site? Well, I thought so, since I have found myself searching for a place to find these people.

There are many talented people out there, and I have the privilege to work with some of them. Drummers, guitarists, producers, and other music makers, have asked me to build them sites, so I thought a common site to gather these talents would be a great idea.


If you are looking for a metal-guitarist to track a solo for your new song, if you want a professional master engineer to finalize your mix, if you need to add some banjo for your new country-song, if you need a tight drummer to add some real drums or a whole band on your new album – my wish is that you will find them all here!
Jonatan Samuelsson, founder of


This is how it works:

  1. Send us a request for what you need. You can send a common request, or specify which music makers you want to hire. It would be great if you also can send a link to the song, and your time-schedule for the project.
  2. We contact the music makers, and let you know if they are able to take the job.
  3. You get a price and agreement, and get back to us if you accept it.
  4. The music maker is doing his/her thing, and when the job is done, you will get mp3-files with the result. You let us know if you are satisfied with the job.
  5. Music Makers United send you an invoice and when it’s paid, we send you the wave-files.
  6. The music maker gets paid as soon as you pay the bill, and is able to continue making great music and feed his/her family!

Please, let us know if you have any questions!