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Viktor Stenquist (SE)

Viktor Stenquist was born 1988 in Herrljunga, Sweden. He started to play guitar at early age and music has always been a big passion in Viktor’s life.

In the fall of 2012 Viktor moved to Örebro to study music productions at Örebro University. In the summer of 2014 Viktor did an internship at Fascination Street Studio.

Since then he has been working as a studio- and sound-engineer, and he has worked with many different artists and bands.

As studio engineer:
Sepultura, Amorphis, Beseech, Souls of Diotima, ArcturonThe Grand New Work, among others.

As sound engineer:
Bo Kaspers Orkester
, Jojje Wadenius (Cleo band), Sophie Zelmani, Narnia, Ebbot Lundgren, Tomas DiLeva, among others.



Mixing from scratch
Stems for mastring
Audio Edit

I make your concert sound awesome!

What you get:

• One wave-file/song
• A bill


Universal Audio – Apollo
Steven Slate-Plugins
Pro Tools 12

Viktor Stenquist mixes in his studio in Örebro.


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