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Robin Ahnlund (SE)

Robin Ahnlund was born 1989 in Uppsala, Sweden. He started to play guitar in early age and has been involved in many bands and music projects ever since.

He joined metalcore-band Safemode as guitarist in 2007, and 2 years after the band participated in the national music contest Rockkarusellen with 600 other bands, and won first prize. The band also managed to win the Red Bull Bedroom Jam’s competition, along with performing at the after party at Sonisphere Festival in Stockholm in front of bands like In Flames and Slipknot. Safemode also toured in Latin America and Europe several times.

Robin is also lead singer and guitarist for Stardust Coverband, and work for an youth recreation center, where he helps young people write and record songs.


Safemode - ColorblindRecordings with Safemode:
• We’re Already Gone – 2009
• Die to Live – 2009
• For a Better Tomorrow – 2010
• Colorblind – 2016

Other recording credits: Daniel Norberg (SE), Alex, Robin, Linus (SE), Bellman Boys (SE).



Guitar & keyboards
Electric or acoustic guitar, and keyboards from metal to blues to pop.

Backing vocals and harmonies, or lead vocals.

Let Robin join you from scratch, in the songwriting process,
or just let him give your production the final touch!

What you get:

• Unprocessed wave-files with guitar/keyboards/vocals
• One wave-file/microphone/line-input
• A bill

• A whole production from beginning to end, or just parts of it.
• One wave-file/song
• A bill


Guitar setup
• Ibanez guitars
• Fender guitars
• Kemper
• Various guitar pedals and effects

• Shure SM57
• Toms: Sennheiser 421

Robin Ahnlund records in his studios in Sigtuna, and in Stockholm.


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