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Olli Helenius (FI)

Olli Helenius is a Finnish singer-songwriter and musician. He has worked as a drummer, singer and producer of dozens of albums. Helenius is a graduate of Oulunkylä Pop Jazz Conservatory.

Helenius started his musical career as drummer, in a band called Focus. Soon he founded a new band with his friends, called Heaven Up. They released an album in 1990, but ended their career in 1992, although they have made some reunion-concerts later.

Olli Helenius and his brother Harri Helenius founded the band Bass’n Helen in 1992, where he played until 2002. Around the same time, he founded the hard rock band, L-60°, that released three albums and toured abroad as well. In 2009 Olli also founded another heavy band called Fivestar Prophet, that released one album.

In the period 1998-2012, Olli played drums in Juha Tapio‘s band, and in addition, he has also served as Pekka Laukkarisen‘s drummer.

Olli has also a solo career, as singer/songwriter/pop-artist, with several albums released. In 2012, he signed a record deal with Sony Music.

Olli Helenius - MatkallaDiscography (a selection):
• Olli Helenius – Siesta (1999)
• Olli Helenius – Nyt (2001)
• Olli Helenius – Aikalisä (2008)
• Olli Helenius – Kulkea Kuin Vapaa (2009)
• Olli Helenius – Nyt Ja Aina (2013)
• Olli Helenius – Matkalla (2015)
• L60° – L60° (2003)
• L60° – Feel Nothing (2006)

l60scream• L60° – Scream (2010)
• Fivestar Prophet – Enemy (2011)
• Tall Man Standing – Heaven (2015)
• bass’n Helen – Minulleko? (1993)
• bass’n Helen – Mitä jää? (1994)
• bass’n Helen – Valo (1996)
• bass’n Helen – Light (1997)
• bass’n Helen – Futu (1998)
• bass’n Helen – Unplugged (2001)




When you need help finishing your song idea,
a professional songwriter-partner,
lyrics for your music,
or a melody for your lyrics – this is your guy!
From singer/songwriter to hardrock.

When you need someone to spice up your production!

Professional drums for you production

What you get:

• Custom adapted songs with Olli Helenius as songwriter
• A songwriter-partner
• Melody and chords
• Lyrics

• Custom adapted production with Olli Helenius as producer or co-producer

• Unprocessed wave-files with drums
• One wave-file/microphone

• A bill


Songwriting setup
• Long experience
• A lot of ideas
• Pen
• Paper
• Computer

Olli Helenius writes in Helsinki, or wherever he is at the moment.


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