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Markus Sigfridsson (SE)

Markus Sigfridsson was born 1977 in Borås, Sweden. He started to play electric guitar in his teens, and has been involved in music ever since.

In 2000 he joined forces with long time friend, and drummer Tobias Enbert. The duo became founding members of the metal bands Harmony and Darkwater. Markus also formed the band 7days.

Markus is also a talented graphic designer, and has made cover arts for bands like Narnia, Audiovision, ReinXeed, Golden Resurrection, Divinefire, etc.


• The Weight of the World – 2006
• Into Forever – 2010

• Dreaming Awake – 2003
• End of My Road – 2008
• Chapter II: Aftermath – 2008
• Theatre of Redemption – 2014
7days• Remembrance – 2015

• Calling the Earth to Witness – 2007
• Where Stories End – 2010



High-performance electric guitar from metal to rock and pop.

Graphic design
Cover art, cover concept, logotype, etc.

Composing / Songwriting
Songs from scratch with or without lyrics.

What you get:

• Unprocessed wave-files with guitar
• One wave-file/microphone/line-input
• A bill

Graphic design:
• High resolution, printable graphic files
• A bill


• Macbook Pro
• Cubase Pro 8
• Revalver 4 Pro
• EWQL Complete Composers Collection
• Genelec 8030A speakers
• Ultrasone PRO 2500 headphones
• Golden Audio PRE-73 jr preamp
• Milab DC-96C microphone

• PRS EG -94
• 2 x Peavey Wolfgang USA
• Fernandes Strat
• Warmoth Strat
• Tanglewood acoustic steelstring
• Marcus Miller V7 bass

Graphic Equipment:
• Macbook Pro
• Adobe CS complete
• Wacom intuos PTK-640

Markus Sigfridsson records in his studio in Borås.


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