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Kjell Lundström (SE)

Kjell Lundström was born 1959 in Vetlanda, Sweden. In young age, he started his interest for music as musician, but as the years went by, he decided to focus on engineering, mix and mastering.

He moved to Texas, USA, where he started to work as studio engineer and also touring sound engineer for different bands. After 5 years, he moved back to Sweden, where he continued to work as studio- and sound engineer.

Kjell has recorded, mixed and mastered about 300 albums in various genres, and co-produced many of them.

WOWDiscography (a selection):
• Walk On Water – Så länge jag lever
• Gladys del Pilar – Waiting For A Miracle
• Gemenskap – Ett enat folk, en ny sång
• David Castañeda – En sann verklighet
• Andreaz Heden Trio – Who’s Beautiful
• Eldkollektivet – Gud Av Värme
• Youth – Just Add Fire
• Word Of Life Choir – Live! Jesus We’re Depending On You



Mix & mastering
Mixing from scratch or stems for mastering, audio editing, etc.

From simple overdubs to live-recordings

What you get:

• One wave-file/song
• DDP-master
• 2 versions of every song
• A bill


Studio setup
• Neve Mixer
• Wave-plugins
• UAD-plugins
• Steinberg Nuendo

• Neumann U87
• Shure SM57
• AKG C414
• AKG Drum microphone set
• And several more…

Kjell Lundström mix in his professional studio in Uppsala.


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