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Jonatan Samuelsson (SE)

Jonatan Samuelsson was born 1974 in Borås, Sweden. Started playing guitar at the age of eleven and formed his first band in 1986. In 1992 the family moved to Uppsala where he continued with music, and in 1999 he started his company JONO, which also became record label, distributor and marketing channel for the bands he worked with. Soon other bands also needed help with administration, bookings, printing CDs, distribution, graphic design and marketing services.

Over the years, he has been involved in bands such as Narnia, Safemode, bob K, Kevin Max (dc Talk), Jerusalem, NoIcE, BIG, David Castañeda, etc.

Since 2009 he has been a permanent member and multi-instrumentalist (bass, Moog Taurus bass pedal, glockenspiel, harmonium, pump organ, piano, etc) of the band Grand Trunk Travellers.

GTTDiscography (a selection):
• Unchained – Home Sweet Home – 1999
• bob K – bob K – 2005
• bob K – Fragile – 2010
• bob K – Noir/Blanc – 2012
• Grand Trunk Travellers – Lowercase Sessions 1 – 2013
• Grand Trunk Travellers – Lowercase Sessions 2 – 2014
• Safemode – Gold Digger – 2013
• Songkids – Songkids – 2015

Jonatan also runs the record label Adora, with artists like: Christian LiljegrenHarald Høidahl (No), Erik Runeson, Micke FhinnSimen ThelanderIda MöllerViktoria, David Castañeda, Gladys del Pilar, etc.

Jonatan is also playing bass with the metal band Narnia in 2016.



Administration, project management for your recording.
Producer, sounding board, and “spider in the web”.
Printing CDs, design, webpages.

When your music is out there, you need people to listen to it.
Facebook-campaigns, building fanbases, email-campaigns, etc.

Digital distribution on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, etc
Some physical distribution, and webshops

What you get:

• The help you need for your production
• Advice and tips

• Customized marketing plan
• Advice and tips

• Your music digitally released worldwide, or in the countries you select
• Advice and tips


JONO setup
• Experience
• Contacts
• Instruments, microphones, and other great gear

Jonatan Samuelsson helps you anywhere in the world, from his office in Uppsala.


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