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Erik Runeson (SE)


Erik Runeson was born 1983 in Habo, Sweden. Lived most of his life in Uppsala, but is now a resident of small picturesque village Dala-Järna.

There he is running a full scale multi-room studio, Studio Korsnäs, recording everything from lonely singers to full bands. All recordings are run through the beautiful 32 channel Studer 904 console, before hitting Pro Tools 12.

The studio also houses two bedrooms and a lounge/kitchen, so you can come for a couple of days without having to ever leave the building.

Erik is previously primarily known as a singer and guitarist, but is here offering his services as a mixing/recording engineer.

You can listen to some of his mixes here:

Mitchell & BlindProductions (a selection):
• Soul Clinic – Keeping The Commandments – 2003
• Erik Runeson – I Don’t Feel Like I’m Actually Wasting My Time – 2008
• Gladys del Pilar – Waiting For A Miracle – 2011
• Mitchell & Blind – Eastern Hearts (live studio session) – 2012
• Mitchell & Blind – These Children (Free Them-single) – 2014
• Christoffer Hiding – Yes, Higher! ‎ – 2013
• Gemenskap – En ton från himmelen – 2017




What you get:

• An engineer willing to listen to how you actually want it
• Files, in the format of your choice
• A bill


• Studer analog console
• Pro Tools 12
• Interfaces: UAD Apollo, Focusrite Scarlett
• Plugins: Waves, UAD, Soundtoys, Brainworx, Slate, etc
• Assorted microphones

• Control room
• Live room
• Drum booth
• Vocal booth
• Entrance/hall with high ceiling
• Small echo chamber (concrete bunker)

The two bedrooms can also be used for recording, if the band is huge and need further separating.

Erik Runeson records in his professional studio in Dala-Järna, Sweden.


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