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Andreas Passmark (SE)

Andreas Passmark was born 1978 in Linköping, Sweden.

Andreas is currently bass player in the metal bands Royal Hunt and Narnia, session bass player, and bass teacher.

He has been playing/touring/recording/whatever with artists like: Work Of Art, W.E.T., DivineFire, Rob Rock, E-type, Fantastic Four, 7days, Essence Of Sorrow, Harmony, Veni Domine, and Stormwind etc.

Narnia_2016Recordings with Narnia:
• Desert Land -2001
• The Great Fall -2003
• At Short Notice – Live In Germany CD/DVD 2004
• Enter The Gate – 2006
• Decade of confession – 2007
• Course of a generation – 2009
• Narnia – 2016

Andreas is also giving bass lessons online, and/or in Stockholm, Sweden.



Hire a professional bass player for your new song

Bass lessions
Online or in Stockholm

What you get:

• Ready to use wave-files with bass
• One wave-file/microphone/line-input
• A bill


Bass setup
• Spector bass
• Warwick bass
• Mesa Boogie WalkAbout amp head
• Mesa Boogie 6×12 speaker
• Mesa Boogie Drive pedal
• More magical stuff…

• Shure SM57
• AKG D112

Andreas Passmark records in his professional studio in Stockholm.


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