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Andreas Jävert (SE)

Andreas Jävert was born 1984 in Stockholm, Sweden.

He has studied music production at SAE Institute in Stockholm, and is a very talented, upcoming artist, producer, mix engineer, songwriter and vocalist. Andreas had already released music under the alter ego of Andrew Jay.



When you need that final, professional touch for your raw-mix, or if you want someone to mix your entire album from scratch.

Involve Andreas at an early stage, to get the most out of your production, or bring him onboard along the way, for valuable, creative ideas, arrangements and musical inspiration.

Some lead or backing vocals, or just some smooth harmonies?
This is your guy!

What you get:

• Mix: Each song as mixed wave-file
• Production: A music production sounding you and Andreas Jävert
• Vocals: One wave-file/vocal track
• A bill


Studio setup
• MacBook Pro
• ProTools
• Logic
• Lots of plugins by UAD, Waves, etc.
• Mixer 1

• AKG C414
• Shure SM57
• Sennheiser 421

Andreas Jävert records in his studio in Stockholm.


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