Producer-tips from Andreas Jävert

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Producer-tips from Andreas Jävert

Here are some answers to questions i get a lot:

How am I becoming a good producer/learn LPX?
Work, work, work… there are no shortcuts, check tutorials, check interviews. Check “in the studio” with producers on youtube. If you’re passionate about learning you will improve quicker than you think.

Why can’t I produce unique music?
Extend your range of genres you’re listening to. Yes even stuff you don’t like, give it a chance. Everything comes from somewhere and believe it or not? EDM did not origin from EDM, there is actually music genres that are the foundation of EDM.

So listen to stuff you don’t usually listen to. Funk, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Country you name it. You’ll soon realize that you’ll learn tricks and tips about what defines those genres and you can apply it to your own music.

For example: Avicii… started combining folk/country with House and it was something new.

Just get out of your comfort-zone and explore new areas. I promise you that it will help you become more unique in your creativity and your music.

One last bonus tip: Find your focus, your fuel that’ll keep you going forward. Something that’s more than money, fame and girls, ’cause I promise you in the end, it will not be strong enough.
Find your focus and that will be the thing that keeps you going even if everything is against you. For many these are obvious-stuff but for some they are not, hopefully this can inspire/help someone.

Never give up, Never stop dreaming. You’ll get there in time and it will all have been worth it.

/Andreas Jävert

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