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Meet our drummers

We are happy to introduce you to our drummers! Admit that a real drummer would sound pretty awesome on your new song, compared to the drums you program yourself? Or at last, that is the case when it comes to my songs. 😉

Tobias Enbert can provide you with MIDI-files, that he records on his Roland-set. You can use your favorite drumsounds and play around with the MIDI-files as you please.

Andreas “Habo” Johansson records drums in his studio in central Stockholm. You get wave-files that you can process with your favorite compressors and EQs, as much as you want.

Maybe you need some fresh drumloops based on drums and… waterdrops? Why not. I know Fredd Jakobsen knows how to make it sound cool!

Ask Gabriel Gomér to give your song a proper beat with a young feeling, or Olli Helenius for some punching drums that would fit your song perfectly. Just need a cajon or tambourine to spice up your beat? Well, ask Marco Castro to make it swing!

Now, meet our drummers and send your request! We are eager to make your music sound even better.


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